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Basic Rigging & Signaling

  This basic rigging and signaling course is designed to give beginners, and those who work in the vicinity of rigging activity, the ability to recognize potential hazards and perform limited rigging tasks.  This five hour class covers the common equipment used to move loads, such as cable, chains, slings and hoists, as well as […]

Bloodborne and Airborne Pathogens

Course Description – OSHA requires employers to annually train their employees to safeguard those who have reasonably anticipated occupational exposure to blood or other potentially infectious materials. Without proper preparation, blood diseases, and airborne pathogens, costly OSHA and state-specific regulatory fines could be levied. More importantly, lives could be adversely affected or even lost. This […]

Crane Safety

  This four-hour crane safety course covers major crane components, safe operating practices, daily checklists, communications, and operator inspections per OSHA, documentation requirements, and hands on demonstrations. Each participant will have the opportunity to perform an actual pre-operation inspection that is required by OSHA. The working knowledge participants acquire from this course will greatly reduce […]

Creating a World Class Safety Culture

Course Description – Make safety the shared value of every employee. Put safety behind every strategy, every decision, every operation, every action. This one-day course, addresses practical approaches to forming strategies for a safety culture, leading in a safety culture, gaining employee involvement through safety contact and observation, and measuring the success of safety initiatives. […]

Fall Protection

Course Description – This course will assist students in identifying fall hazards and utilizing best practices in the elimination of predictable and identifiable slip, trip, and fall hazards. Throughout the course, students will be given written tests and practical application activities to ensure they fully understand and are able to demonstrate the skills taught. This […]

Fire Safety

Course Description – The goal of this fire safety course is to provide a knowledgeable understanding of the origins of fires, sources of fires, how to protect yourself, and how to prevent fires from occurring. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 3% of all workplace fatalities are a result of fires or explosions. […]

Hazard Communication – HAZCOM

Course Description – In this five-hour course, we will review information based on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations as they relate to the hazard awareness and communication, hazard classification, Safety Data Sheets and labeling requirements of hazardous materials within the workplace. The updated Hazard Communication Standard (as of 2012) is the core of […]

Hazardous Materials and Waste

Course Description – In this five-hour class, students will be able to identify the hazards and work safely with hazardous materials and chemical waste. This course will give the student an overview of the OSHA Hazard Materials Standard 29 CFR 1910.120. The instructor will discuss general requirements, hazard assessment, hazardous chemicals, and hazardous material classifications. […]

Ladder Safety

Course Description In this course, we will review the OSHA General Industry and Construction regulatory requirements and ANSI standards for both portable and fixed ladders most commonly used in industry today. We will focus on how to properly select, inspect, and use various portable and fixed workplace ladders. In addition, we will discuss recommended best […]


Course Description – This course will provide authorized workers with the knowledge to follow the step-by-step procedures for isolating equipment during maintenance and services using such techniques as lock-out tag-out, lockbox, blinding, disconnect and misalign, double block and bleed, and single valve isolation. Students will learn how to detect hazardous conditions and implement control measures […]

Mobile Elevating Work Platforms – MEWPs

Course Description – This training is designed to be general in nature since it covers safe operating procedures for all types of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms. It is expected that operators will follow established familiarization procedures prior to operating models not specifically addressed during this training. This course consists of five key areas of learning […]

Permit-Required Confined Space Entry

Course Description – This training class covers the OSHA 1910.146 and 1926 Subpart AA Confined Space standards. Participants will receive the knowledge and understanding of the different types of Confined Spaces that they may encounter in their workplace. Topics covered include but are not limited to: The hazards associated with a Confined Space; how to […]

Permit-Required Confined Space Entry Supervisor

Course Description – This training class provides participants with the knowledge and skills to enable them to perform and/or supervise safe entries into permit-required confined spaces following all OSHA Requirements. The goal of confined space safety training is to educate all entry supervisors on best practices for working and supervising employee entry into confined spaces […]

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Course Description – In this five-hour course, we will enable workers to identify and select personal protective equipment based on the identified hazards of the application. The curriculum includes construction and general industry applications covering selection criteria, limitations, and maintenance. During this course, the instructor will cover the basic concepts and standards of personal protective […]

Powered Industrial Trucks – Forklift

Course Description – This training is designed to be general in nature since it covers safe operating procedures for all types of Powered Industrial Trucks. It is expected that operators will follow established familiarization procedures prior to operating models not specifically addressed during this training. This course consists of five key areas of learning and […]

Respirable Crytalline Silica

Course Description – In this Silica training course, you will learn about the basics of Silica and Respirable Crystalline Silica Dust encountered during construction and other activities. This course will identify the basic health hazards associated with exposure to silica and respirable crystalline silica dust, some of the common tasks that could result in exposure […]

Respiratory Protection

Course Description – This course covers the requirements for the establishment, maintenance, and monitoring of a respiratory protection program. Course topics include terminology, OSHA Respiratory Protection Standards, NIOSH classifications, respiratory protection program, and medical evaluation requirements. Program highlights include work assessment on respirator selection, qualitative and quantitative fit testing, and the use of respiratory protection […]

Safety for Supervisors

Course Description – This course, trains supervisors and managers to incorporate best safety practices into their daily management activities. Participants will learn how to conduct successful safety inspections, incident investigations, and safety meetings. Other topics to be discussed: Employee Involvement, Communication, Equipment Operations, and Personal Protection Equipment to name a few. Goals/Key Objectives – Thru […]

Scaffold Safety

Course Description – This course explains the basic elements of supported scaffold safety and introduces students to the nature of supported scaffold hazards. During the course, the emphasis is placed on the role of the scaffold user in accident prevention, which includes scaffold inspections, fall protection, recognizing hazards, and responding to emergencies. This course covers […]

Trenching & Excavation for Competent Person

Course Description – The Competent Person for Excavation Safety course is designed to provide students with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the OSHA Regulation 29 CFR 1926 Subpart P Excavation Standards, as well as an introduction to current protective system design, selection, and installation. According to OSHA, a Competent Person is defined as a person […]

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