The Florida Chamber Safety Council is on a mission to create the safest, healthiest and most sustainable workforce in America. That starts with partnering with Florida companies of all industries and sizes that are committed to their employee’s health and safety while striving to create an accident-free workplace. With a Florida Chamber Safety Council Membership at any level, you will gain access to a wealth of resources and tools, educational webinars, and connect with industry leaders who are all putting a premium on safety, health and sustainability.

Comprehensive Benefits Comparison

While each membership tier includes unique features and exclusive benefits, all Florida Chamber Safety Council Members receive key benefits, including a Safety Council orientation, a complete annual risk evaluation of your current safety policies, programs and insurance profile, and access to 24/7 Safety Support.

Explore the many valuable advantages of membership. Determine the best level to meet your needs.

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Champion - $5000 Annual Investment

Safety Champions ensure their organization has the critical tools and industry-best practices needed to maintain worker and public safety.

Leader - $2500 Annual Investment

Safety Leaders facilitate systems for everyone in their organization to make it easier to promote and create a safety culture.

Advocate - $1000 Annual Investment

Safety Advocates make a commitment to putting the safety, health and sustainability of their organization and employees first.

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