The Florida Chamber Safety Council is committed to providing the resources, safety tips and trainings our members need. Preventing workplace injuries by providing access to information and expert instruction is our utmost goal so that Florida workers go home safe to their families every day.

Safety-Focused Leadership

Safety-focused leadership is a proactive approach to creating and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. It involves identifying and mitigating hazards, promoting safe work practices, and fostering a culture of safety that empowers employees to take ownership of their well-being. By making safety a top priority, organizations can prevent accidents and injuries, protect their employees’ well-being and enhance their overall performance.

The Safety-Focused Leadership Video Series was developed as a resource for small to medium sized business who may not have a safety officer on staff. Typically, these positions range from supervisors to human resources professionals to even the owner or CEO. We hope they help your organization build a safe and healthy work environment, protect your employees, improve your bottom line and build a stronger reputation in your community.

Safety Focused Leadership Series | What is Safety Focused Leadership?

Safety Focused Leadership Series | Become a Safety Focused Leader

Safety Focused Leadership Series | Problem Solving Skills

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