Florida Chamber Safety Council Expands Suite of Tools with Online, On-Demand Safety Training and ProcessMap Data Intelligence Platforms

TALLAHASSEE, FL (May 11, 2021)— Advancing its movement to make Florida the safest, healthiest and most sustainable state in America, the Florida Chamber Safety Council today announced the expansion of its unique suite of training offerings and tools available with the launch of an online, on-demand safety training platform that allows businesses across Florida to set up safety trainings for their employees from the convenience of their computer. In addition, the Safety Council is adding risk management tool, ProcessMap— a leading data intelligence platform that empowers businesses to minimize risk, assure compliance and further improve safety, to its line-up.

“The Florida Chamber set a goal through its Florida 2030 Blueprint to be in the top five states for overall well-being by 2030,” said Florida Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Mark Wilson. “As the official goal leader, the Florida Chamber Safety Council is taking every step to create a culture of safety in Florida and to unite Florida’s business community around a movement to make Florida the safest, healthiest and most sustainable state in America.”

With a virtual environment continuing to grow and gain momentum, the Florida Chamber Safety Council is providing a way for businesses to train employees in an on-demand, remote work world to keep employees safe. The new online, on-demand safety training platform offers 1,400 courses in 17 languages. Now businesses can choose to host private trainings, attend public trainings or complete safety training from the convenience of an employees’ computer – the one common denominator is that each solution is offered through the Florida Chamber Safety Council.

“The Florida Chamber Safety Council is working to ensure Florida companies become a model for safety, health and sustainability – and that begins with putting a premium on safety trainings and management,” said Katie Yeutter. “Our mission is to connect with Florida companies and provide safety solutions that match the needs of every business while building a culture of safety throughout Florida. The Florida Chamber Safety Council’s  extensive suite of public, private and now online, on-demand trainings coupled with our investment in ProcessMap is another step in serving as a valuable partner to businesses that don’t necessarily have a full-time safety professional on staff.”

Aimed at helping companies have a better prepared and trained workforce, with fewer accidents and injuries and increased productivity, Environmental, Health and Sustainability professionals can now select from hundreds of courses from the online library of engaging and up-to-date content to meet their unique environmental, health and safety learning objectives. The Florida Chamber Safety Council’s on-demand safety training platform can help improve employee performance and provide self-paced training that is convenient, engaging, consistent and measurable.

A sample of safety training courses offered include:

  • Accident
  • Active Shooter
  • Construction
  • Driving
  • Electrical
  • Ergonomics
  • Fire Safety
  • First Aid
  • Forklift
  • Health
  • Industrial
  • OSHA
  • Transportation Safety
  • Workplace Safety

While safety is a top priority, accidents happen. In the event an incident occurs, Florida Chamber Safety Council members can now use ProcessMap, free-of-charge, to record the incident and turn data into actionable insights to boost performance. The ProcessMap built-in analytics tool empowers EHS management to make decisions proactively to improve employee health and safety, ensure compliance and better manage organizational risks.

As the Florida chapter of the National Safety Council, the Florida Chamber Safety Council is the only course provider in Florida offering trainings towards an Advanced Safety Certificate. Coursework required toward earning your ASC recognition will be offered on-demand.

To learn more about the Florida Chamber Safety Council, visit or to register for an online, on-demand safety course, visit, or email Jason Mozo at [email protected].


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