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Inspection Checklist Solution:

Can you SEE if your equipment has been inspected?

SG World USA’s Patented Inspection Checklist Solution is focused on helping you make sure OSHA standard inspections happen in a way that builds culture, reduces risk, and improves productivity.

This patented solution is one of a kind – with a visual display and record working together to help ensure that inspections happen every time.

  • The Inspection Checklist Solution Starter Kit includes Inspection book(s) and the Book Paddle Kit.
  • Each inspection book contains 30 pre-shift inspections with carbon copies for records.
  • The Book paddle works together with the inspection checklist to visibly display the safety status of your equipment
  • The high visibility of the yellow paddle and DO NOT USE indicator allows supervisors to see whether the pre-shift inspections have taken place – ultimately building accountability and ownership with operators.



Visitor Management

Create a world class visitor experience with SG World USA’s patented visitor sign in system and ID accessories.

Benefits of the book & badge include

  • Displays each visitor onsite as authorized with a personalized ID badge
  • Includes the visitor’s name, date, and whom they are visiting
  • Keeps personal data confidential with a discreet sheet
  • Serves as a record of all visitors, which can be used as a real-time evacuation list in the event of an emergency.
  • Provides liability protection



Signs, Boards, and Banners

Create an environment where people choose to work safely by embedding relevant and specific safety messages into their daily routines. Our wide range of signs and banners includes the following:

  • Compliance Signage
  • Pallet Rack-End Banners
  • Floor Decals
  • Performance Dialogue Boards
  • Jobsite info/ DART Rate boards
  • Logistics Maps
  • JHA Boards


Make safety documentation about people, not forms.

Build a safety culture through effective safety documentation.

  • Job hazard analysis books
  • Safety engagement books
  • Near-miss reporting


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