2024 Leadership Conference | Safety Breakout Sessions

As you plan your schedule for the 2024 Florida Chamber Leadership Conference on Safety, Health + Sustainability, don’t miss out on the Safety Breakout Sessions. These expert-led workplace safety breakout sessions are diverse, catering to various leadership roles and industry needs. Whether you’re a Safety Manager, CEO, Human Resource professional or business owner, there’s a session designed to empower you with actionable knowledge.

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Heat Stress Prevention

Headshot of Greg HaleSpeaker: Greg Hale, Vice President & Chief Safety Officer, Walt Disney Parks and Recreation

Prevention of heat stress is critical. Workers need to understand what it is and how it affects their health and safety. Exposure to extreme heat can result in occupational illnesses such as heat-related stroke, exhaustion, cramps, rashes, etc. Heat can increase the risk of injuries and burns. Outdoor workers and those in hot environments, such as firefighters, bakery workers, farmers, construction workers, miners, boiler room workers, and factory workers, are all at risk. Extreme heat is particularly hazardous to workers 65 or older and those who are overweight, have heart disease or high blood pressure or take medications.

Uncovering Risks, Building Resilience: The Value of a Robust Safety Investigation and Workers’ Compensation Process

Headshot of Greg MeloonSpeaker: Anna Fullen, COSM, Senior Environmental Health & Safety Manager, Nautique Boat Company with an Introduction by Greg Meloon, President, Nautique Boat Company

Participants will delve into the critical aspects of workplace safety, exploring the benefits of a robust safety investigation and workers’ compensation process. By navigating through real-world examples, the session aims to uncover the pivotal role these processes play in fostering a secure and healthy work environment. Attendees will gain insights into preventive measures, efficient investigation techniques, and the transformative impact of a well-structured workers’ compensation system. Ultimately, the session promises to leave participants equipped with the knowledge to build resilience, ensuring that organizations emerge stronger on the other side of workplace challenges.

OSHA Expansion of Record-Keeping & Reporting: Impact on All Employers

Headshot of Ed FoulkeSpeaker: Edwin G. Foulke, Jr., Partner Fisher & Phillps, LLC

Many employers think their OSHA recordkeeping logs and procedures are fully compliant, only to learn after an OSHA inspection they were not. This presentation examines recordkeeping errors employers make; covers how to coordinate recordkeeping requirements and effectively use recordkeeping to improve current safety programs; and examines increased employer reporting requirements and expanded liability.

The Future of Safety & Health: Three Trends Shaping the Future of the Profession

Speakers: Jason Kunz, Global EHS Team, 3M and Dr. Perry Logan, VP, 3M

Unlock a journey into the future of safety and health as we unveil insights drawn from over 200 in-depth interviews and a decade of qualitative research. In this engaging and informative session, we will explore the dynamic landscape of the safety and health profession, revealing three trends that are reshaping its trajectory. Join us as we move beyond the horizon of traditional practices and delve into the forces that will define the next era of safety, health and well-being. With a unique vantage point, we will examine how emerging technologies, evolving work environments, and shifting societal paradigms are converging to create new opportunities and unique challenges. This session is your invitation to be at the forefront of change, armed with actionable insights, foresight, and specific knowledge that will equip you to shape the future of safety and health for your organization, while understanding what is needed from you, now and moving forward.

Ten Keys to Effective Safety-Focused Leadership

Headshot of Mark MorganSpeaker: Mark Morgan, ASP, ARM, NextEra Energy, Inc.

In this thought provoking and interactive session, we will review ten key issues that will help all leaders lead in safety.

Ask yourself:

  • Are you ready to make an outstanding and transformational difference in your organization?
  • What could be more important than ensuring your employees go home uninjured everyday?
  • What better legacy as a leader can your leave your organization and your employees than an improved safety program?
  • From front line supervisors to executives, you can seize on these incredible opportunities to make a difference.

Workplace Accidents. Investigation.

Speakers: Kenneth Knox, Partner, Fisher Phillips and Todd Logsdon, Partner, Fisher Phillips

Effectively handling workplace accident investigations and conducting root cause analyses are of paramount importance to employers across industries. During this session, we will discuss the process of collecting accurate and complete information, identifying root causes of workplace accidents and implementing preventive measures to protect your company and your employees.

Key Elements of an Effective Fleet Safety Program

Speakers: Mauyro Jones, VP, Safety Health & Security, Ryder System, Inc.

With the steady rise of insurance costs and liability/litigation, an effective and solid fleet safety program is necessary to prevent accidents and meet regulatory compliance. This session will outline elements of an effective fleet safety program–including the “why”, “how” and “what” is needed.

Harboring Safety Excellence: Lessons from Port Authority Operations and Transferrable Best Practices

Speaker: Nick Primrose, Chief of Regulatory Compliance, Jacksonville Port Authority

JAXPORT is the 10th busiest port in the United States and the largest container port in Florida with more than 1,500 acres of port operations, creating the potential for a very dangerous environment. In this session, learn how implementing new safety measures and leadership greatly increased the safety of port employees. The discussion will also highlight the ideas to overcome the challenges of creating an environment of safety in all industries.

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