Learn to Help Someone with Suicide Prevention Training.

Imagine having the power to prevent a tragedy. With Suicide Prevention Training from the Florida Chamber Safety Council, you can.

What is Suicide Prevention Training?

Just like CPR helps with physical emergencies, Suicide Prevention Training empowers you to recognize the warning signs of a suicide crisis, talk openly and compassionately with someone who may be at risk, and connect them with help.

Who Can Benefit from Suicide Prevention Training?

Everyone! It is valuable for individuals of all ages and backgrounds, from parents and teachers to friends and colleagues.

Join Lindsay Brown, M.Ed. Ed.S. of Florida LEADS Zero Suicide Project on April 12

This skills-based training program is designed to teach how to recognize people in crisis, identify suicide warning signs, and apply the mental health equivalent of CPR to someone who may be at risk of suicide. This training program is intended to prevent suicide among employees, colleagues, co-workers, friends, and family members.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand suicide as a major public health problem
  • Understand the common myths and facts surrounding suicide
  • Identify unique verbal, behavioral, and situational suicide warning signs
  • Become acquainted with specific groups at high risk for suicide.
  • Screen someone at risk of suicide
  • Know how to inquire about suicidal thoughts
  • Recognize at least three suicide warning signs
  • Recognize at least three risk factors for suicide
  • Recognize at least three protective factors against suicide Demonstrate increased knowledge, skills, self-efficacy and intent to act to intervene with persons at risk of suicide

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Meet the Training Expert



Lindsay Brown, M.Ed. Ed.S. is the Director of Training and Partnerships with the Florida LEADS Zero Suicide Project, a federal grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) that works to build suicide safer communities throughout Florida. Lindsay has specialized in suicide prevention since 2007, beginning her work as a suicide hotline counselor and earning her master’s and specialist degrees in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Florida. Since joining the grant implementation team at University of Central Florida, University of South Florida, and Florida Behavioral Health Association in 2015, Lindsay has trained over 7,500 people in suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention strategies and coached countless behavioral health, health, school and community support service systems across the state in suicide best practices.

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